The AWIS project

AWIS (African Water Information System on ) is a network of African organizations wishing to communicate on their practices and share the information they have available to as many people as possible. SADIEau builds its wealth on the diversity of its members:

  • geographical diversity: AWIS partners are present and operate throughout the African continent,
  • a diversity of skills: the information managed by SADIEau targets the water sector in its broadest sense. Whether it is access to drinking water, management of the resource on a basin scale or sanitation and hygiene, these are themes for which the members of the network < strong>AWIS have a long experience and have developed solid expertise.
  • a diversity of modes of intervention: another originality of AWIS is the varied nature of the organizations that make it up. AWIS brings together public bodies, NGOs, consultancies and basin organizations. Each, because of its specific status, has developed its own intervention methods which enrich the corpus of experiences federated by AWIS.

AWIS objectives

AWIS has 3 objectives :

  • Building a network of African partners who produce water information
  • Referencing quality information on the water sector in Africa
  • Provide free access to this information via an Internet portal

AWIS positioning

The diagram below shows the mapping of the actors and associated information systems for the water theme in Africa. Data flows and exchanges are materialized by the different arrows on the diagram.

AWIS positioning